Frederiksborg Fire & Rescue Service (FBBR) provides fire and rescue services to the municipalities of Frederikssund, Halsnaes, Hilleroed, Gribskov, Egedal and Furesoe in the center of the island of Zealand, in Denmark. The six municipalities are home to approximately 250.000 inhabitants, who live within a land area of 1058 square miles.

The Southwest Finland Rescue Department is responsible for the rescue operations in 27 municipalities on the shores of the Archipelago Sea. There are a total of 80 firefighters in the region.

The basic assignment of the regional rescue department is preventing fires and other accidents, promoting a culture of safety, managing civil defence assignments for a state of emergency and the related preparedness, and rescue operations in cases of accidents.

GRS Kranj is professional fire department in Municipality of Kranj. GRS Kranj employ 53 professional firefighters.

Basics task of GRS Kranj are extinguishing the fires, rescuing in traffic accidents, technical rescuing of people and animals, ecological accidents rescuing, fire prevention activities, continuous training of firefighters, maintenance of own facilities and equipment, training of employees for protection against fire, maintenance of fire extinguishers, maintenance of SCBA etc.

The city of Alcalá de Guadaíra, with a population of 72.458 inhabitants, is located on southern Spain in the region of Andalusia.

The Fire and Rescue Service from Alcalá de Guadaíra is composed by 27 full-time firefighters and 5 team leaders. Its mission is the protection of citizens through prevention and intervention in situations of risk, emergency and disaster.

FMC is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to improve the living conditions and promote the personal, social and educational development of those suffering or at risk of social exclusion.

To do so, FMC runs the Second Chance School for adults SUMAN2+.

The Slovenian Fire Protection Association (SZPV) was established in 1993, by a group of individuals, representatives from companies and institutions,committed to work in the field of fire protection, with a goal to raise the level of fire safety.

SZPV is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, with a status of the organization acting in the public interest on the national level.

We are an innovative and multidisciplinary higher education institution, which creates international competitiveness and well-being nationally and specially for Southwest Finland. Our graduates are practice-oriented professionals with top competencies.

At the core of our teaching is Innovation Pedagogy, a new approach to learning developed at TUAS. Innovation Pedagogy emphasises the viewpoints of RDI and working life, making our graduates independently minded professionals with excellent international and communication skills.

Founded in 1962 thanks to a collaborative partnership between professional in the field and parents in need, Landforeningen Autisme, now involves families, users, educational institutions, disabled's people organisations, policymakers and the Danish Parliament.

Its work focuses on spreading information on autism spectrum disorder throughout courses and conferences users and professionals oriented. Landforeningen Autisme is a very active organisation in the political sphere.